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  • Customer Service

    Quality control

    This company produces the modification of plastics and fine chemical products with high quality raw materials, production process was carried out on guard a pass strictly, in raw materials into the factory and factory finished products of the cage detection measures were taken, therefore, product quality is stable.Our company promises to tracking the factory products, to provide technical services and consulting services.

    New products and services

    New product development company will assign an engineer and a sales representative responsible for during product testing we will send experienced engineers to the site to provide users with reliable technology services, products normally put into use, sales representatives regularly visit users, product usage and timely feedback, we will need to adjust the production process according to the customer until it meets customer needs.

    Other products and services

    Other products my company will have sales representatives responsible for tracking, regular visits to the user, product usage and timely feedback, you need to adjust the production process according to the customer until it meets customer needs.

    Service concept

    • 1
      Targets:Customer satisfaction, we are satisfied;
    • 2
      Service Policy:Warm and thoughtful, one-step;
    • 3
      Service Specification:Standardize personnel, standardized management, normative work;
    • 4
      Pledge: Timely and proactive, professional and efficient。
    • 5
      Service Mission:Quality and efficiency, excellence, sincere service;
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