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  • Quality Assurance

    Product development

    ◆ The company attaches great importance to research and development, and actively with famous institutes, universities and enterprises to develop the depth of the leading suppliers of raw materials and technological cooperation, the force caused by the product of excellent quality and cost optimization. Blessing of heaven and Zhejiang University jointly established fine chemical and polymer materials research and development base, and Sinopec Beijing Yanshan Petrochemical Institute of resin applied to build a base for scientific research and。

    ◆ The company has won several provincial and municipal scientific and technological progress awards, and the establishment of Ningbo modified plastics engineering technology center. In recent years, a number of products from the companies involved in research and development, has been listed as National Torch Program projects, the provincial key project of technological innovation projects, new product development and municipal projects.


    • American UL safety certification yellow card
      U.S. FDA and SGS food safety certification
      Zhejiang Famous Brand
      ISO9001 quality certification
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