About Us

We will strive to become well-known modified plastics and chemical products supply manufacturers, domestic and foreign customers provide the best material options, to provide staff to achieve the ideal platform for individuals to create value for our shareholders.
  Corporate Culture  

 ◆ Vision: Technology win, material welfare of the world, world famous
◆ Enterprise Mission: integrity Promise Keepers, simple and efficient, sustainable development, share success
◆ company's core values??: quality and efficiency, excellence, sincere service
◆ Business philosophy: quality-based, market-oriented, customer-centric, creating value for customers
◆ employment concept: both ability and integrity, expertise and resources, can make the best use
◆ management principles: Enterprise performance management, simplified, standardized, systematic, professional
◆ corporate advocacy: unity and loyalty, simple and efficient, equitable and harmonious atmosphere for business.
◆ Entrepreneurship: scientific, pragmatic, pioneering and innovative  

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